Nissan Figaro supplied by Figs4u at exceptional prices! See Figs4u fully restored cars which include new roofs, new leather interior and re-dyed carpets! Figs4u are THE Nissan Figaro Specialist and offer the FULL Range of Colours including Pink Nissan Figaro for sale Figs4u is a subsiduary company of Algys Autos Ltd dedicated to the sale of quality Nissan Figaro

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Figs4u Testimonials

Dear Shelley/anyone else,

I was so preoccupied at having to get back to the hospital urgently I
couldn't really express my appreciation properly.  I am now a proud owner
and driver of a beautiful green Figaro and must thank you for all your work
on its restoration and for helping me so nicely with what I needed to
contribute.  It really is a joy to look at and to drive.  I will see you
again during the year I'm sure,

warm regards, Alison

Alison ***, PhD


Dave, Deanna, Mike and team

Well, you have all done me really proud, what a beautiful car.  The standard you work to is so high, Algy’s autos is very fortunate to have such a dedicated team to restore the Figs to such a high standard, she looks like a brand new car absolutely stunning.  Had to de-ice her this morning but she started up fine (thank god) it will take some time getting used driving her especially the visibility re the rear window, and being so low on the road I am looking forward to getting to know her.  I am taking viewings of her in work and everyone is so impressed, what a classy car.

Hope you all enjoy the wine and many thanks for my car mats; it was very kind of you.

Have a wonderful Christmas and keep the production line busy for 2009.


Dear Deana, Dave & Algy

Arrived back in North London safe and sound.  My wife, Debbie, is absolutely thrilled with the car - and so is my daughter (Amber age 11) who wants to go to school in it on Monday to show her friends!
Thank you very much to all of you for your excellent service which has been highly professional throughout.  It was very pleasant to do business with you.  Look forward to keeping in touch.
All the best.
John (May 2008)


My wife is absolutely thrilled with her new Figaro. It's classless and fun to
drive and with a bit more punch than the appearance suggests. The functional
styling inside are engineered to a good standard and the off white interior
suggests more space than. The car does not project a feeling of luxury, just
solid engineering delivered with panache. The classless aspect means she
feels comfortable driving to and parking in some difficult areas in North
London where she works. The leather seats are comfortable and driving with
the top down is remarkably rattle free. All round driving visibility is good
even with the low profile.

Tip: Buy some carpet mats (not supplied). I found dedicated Figaro 4 piece
sets off eBay for £25.


Peter Streatfield


Dear Deana and Dave

Thank you .. thank you ... thank you ... thank you ... thank you .. for my beautiful Figaro. I absolutely adore her!
I have just come in from the garage after wishing her a Very Good Night. She is more beautiful than I had ever imagined and great to drive, although I am still getting used to the automatic (it's not that difficult I am just a little nervous). I am driving with a grin right across my face. Don't know what the other drivers must be thinking - but I bet they are envious of her!
Thank you Dave for the beautiful badge you have given me and the TLC you have given to my figgy.
Best wishes


Pink Mouse - Sunday Nov 5 09:22 2006

Nissan Figaro - Brilliant.Thats it!

Never had so much fun sitting down!
My advice is simply get one BUT get a good one. My friends Pink Fig was cheaper..and it shows! Bad decision and she now regrets it. Paying out to try and get it as good as mine. Simple advise is you cant buy a good Fig cheap..Totally dedicated dealership. When I went to their place they had over 30 on show. I was in heaven! I tried a few other places first but Non were a patch on Figs4u. the others either did it in their spare time....ahhhhh or just cut corners to make a sale. Go there and you will see the cars being fully re-built and they are really friendly to boot.

Take my advice and geta lovely wonderful Figaro.....and see figs4u if you want a good one! 


Angela Cruckshank - Thu Aug 10 17:20 2006

I saw my first Fig and fell in love with it! I simply had to have one. I saw many Pink Nissan Figaro for sale and spoke to Algys Autos ( Figs4u ) on the phone they certainly seemed to know what they were talking about and suggested I look at others first! How bizarre! Well I did, then I went to Algys Garage in Bristol.......SOLD! What a huge difference! All their cars are in such perfect condition and nothing is missed. Others that I had seen for sale had not paid half as much attention to detail. The interiors of Algys were all colour coordinated and lovely pink, the hoods were new, CD stereos all fully rstored....and on and on. Moral is. Buy the best...Buy from Algys Autos..Trust me there are NO better Pink Nissan Figaro for sale anywhere! I am one very happy Bunny!



Hilary Morrish -Tue Aug 15 18 08:22 2006

I am delighted with my fabulous Figaro which I collected last Saturday! Thanks very much.


Jane Widmore-Tue May 23 16.03:12 2006

Collected my Figaro last week and can honestly say I can it was well worth the wait. I visited several other dealers and sellers before I saw Algys, they are just in a different league! The quality puts others to shame!


Jan Simmons - Sat Jan 21 10:05:24 2006

I,ve been the proud owner of my baby blue figaro ( Or Tink As she,s fondly known by the family! )for six months now & want the "whole team" at Algys to know how pleased proud & impressed I am, not only with the car but also the level of commitment & care from all concerned. Nothing has been too much trouble, emails or any other concerns have been dealt with quickly & efficiently. Like many others I took a leap of faith when I decided to buy from Algy but wouldnt hesitate to recommend anyone thinking of buying from his company to go ahead without hesitation. Even now I feel I could call or email & ask them anything & would definately use them again when we replace our family car. You're all doing a grand job! Thankyou Jan ( & Tink )

Les Powell - Wed Feb 1 03:54:29 2006

Hi to all at Algy's.
Picked up a beautiful lapis grey Nissan Figaro from Bristol just before X-mas.What a stunner!! Bought for my wife and I since haven't had a look-in!
Driving back to London up the M4 was an experience in itself
I enjoyed every mile and was suprised at the quality of the drive...Needless to say my wife was gobsmacked.Everyone who's not in the know believes it to be a brand new car,a testimony to you guys in preparing it for us.
To anyone reading this,you can be rest assured you
will be dealing with in a professional outfit who deliver what they say on the website.
Thanks again guys for a great product and great service.

Paul Collins - Mon Sep 26 03:49:15 2005

Wonderful company who are willing to help a figaro owner on the other side of the world in New Zealand. Thankyou once again

kim - Thu Jun 23 06:09:39 2005

hiya algy,

just taken delivery of 'barbie' as she shall be called from mow on, my baby pink gorgeous Figaro !!!!

She is every girls dream car, and everyone stops and looks, unfortunatly now not at 'lil 'ol me but at Barbie !! They even want to have their pictures taken in here, how weird is that ???

If anyone is just 'thinking' about buying a car via Algy, stop wasting you're time thinking and get on with parting with your money, Ive bought cars before but never have I had such a laugh and good time buying a car

All credit to you Algy, you have a brill team working with you xxxxxxxxxxxx

Jules Palmer - Sun Jan 16 11:49:12 2005

I bought my Nissan Figaro in Nov 2004 and have been delighted with it. The service I received from yourself was great. Thank you

katie leonard-smith - Sun Nov 21 16:30:21 2004

Well it is my second day as a Figaro owner/driver and I cannot tell you how fabulous it feels! It is such an adorable car, I can't believe it is actually mine. I also can't believe how easy and quick it all became a reality. I first saw a picture of the car on Algys website and it was love at first sight! After my intial email to Algy and Svetlana, they were both very patient and extremely helpful and were on hand whenever I had any questions. I couldn't have wished for a more honest, dedicated and lovely team of people to liaise with. I would truly recommend purchasing a car (or anything for that matter!) from Algy and his team and can't thank them enough!x

steve wood - Wed Nov 10 07:51:54 2004

thanks to all at algys auto and those in the uk, ive bought a car before from another supplier and had nothing but problems and this really put me off, not this time tho, the car was exactly as algy had described it, if you're still undecided about buying a car off the internet, this is the company to use

Douglas MacDowall - Tue Oct 5 13:48:50 2004

Algys Autos, THANK YOU SO MUCH! the car was prepared as requested, that was very much appreciated. Sounds like I'm kissing arse, but really they work their butts off and deserve all the praise they get and more!

Thanks again guys, job done!!

Stefan - Mon Aug 23 05:03:12 2004

Again I can only reiterate all the comments made in this Guest Book. Algy and all his team seem to never sleep. Sveta is certainly always there.

I have no hesitation in recommending Algy.

West Yorkshire
Douglas MacDowall - Tue Aug 17 07:03:33 2004

Having read through all the comments in the guest book I'm struggling to add to any of the comments. All I can do is back everyones positive remarks. We had ordered a Figaro up here in Edinburgh untill I found Algys site, the order was cancelled that evening and a new order placed with Algy. We saved 2000 on the price of the car, she is a few months newer and had done 18,000 miles less.
I would recommend Alygs Autos to anyone out there If you have any doubts about ordering a car, you'll enjoy the whole procedure. I have already spread the word north of the border. If you see a Lapis grey Figaro in Edinburgh the chances are it's me!

Kathy Miller - Sun Aug 8 11:50:54 2004

As you said the car was in mint condition, as you promised, looking and feeling good. we have loved driving the car, the service that you and staff provide is fantastic and all our initial doubts about the transaction have been proved unfounded. We would recommend you to anybody.
What value for money!

Kathy Miller

debz - Tue Jul 27 15:26:12 2004

Just received my Figaro - Bridget last weekend and what a babe she is. So pleased with the service I've received from start to finish. i would recommend you to any one - except I don't want too many Bridgets driving about! Thanx again
Debz (The mad Scottish Lass!!)
Chrissie - Wed Jul 21 12:40:28 2004

I have just collected my imported Figaro from Bristol. I could not believe the car when i see it - just like I imagined! I am now the very happy owner of a nissan figaro, it is everything i hoped and more.
will keep you in mind for the future Algy, thanks for everything.
Figs4u supply quality Nissan Figaro at exceptional prices! See Figs4u fully restored cars which include new roofs, new leather interior and re-dyed carpets! Figs4u are THE Nissan Figaro Specialist and offer the FULL Range of Colours including Pink Nissan Figaro for sale. Figs4u is a subsiduary company of Algys Autos Ltd dedicated to the sale of quality Nissan Figaro