Nissan Figaro at Figs4u, we are the Worlds Largest dealership.We offer a full range of original colours plus special colours to order. Each car comes fully refurbished and engine etc fully serviced. The car has 12 months Mot, 12 Months road tax and a 6 month warranty

Nissan Figaro in Lapis Grey
Nissan Figaro in Lapis Grey from Figs4u. The Lapis Grey was the most produced and popular of the cars. You will therefore see more Lapis Grey than some of the other Figaro colours. The exterior is complimented with an ivory exterior and interior. The leather interior is enhanced with very dark grey trim as is the dashboard, carpets and centre of steering wheel.The Lapis grey Nissan Figaro is appreciating in value by about £1000 per annum and is highly sought after in this premier condition. We have over 35 cars at our Bristol Garage but most are reserved way in advance such is the deamnd for our cars. You are welcome to visit and see just how the car should be presented and the painstaking lenghts we go to ensuring continued perier quality. Call Figs4u on: Freephone 0800 634 7576

Nissan Figaro lapis greay picture   Nissan Figaro lapis great offside picture

Nissan Figaro greay blue   Nissan Figaro drivers side

   Nissan Figaro dash board picture

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Figs4u supply quality Nissan Figaro at exceptional prices! See Figs4u Nissan Figaro fully restored cars which include new roofs, new leather interior and re-dyed carpets! Figs4u are THE Nissan Figaro Specialist and offer the FULL Range of Colours including Pink Nissan Figaro