Nissan Figaro at Figs4u, we are the Worlds Largest dealership.We offer a full range of original colours plus special colours to order. Each car comes fully refurbished and engine etc fully serviced. The car has 12 months Mot, 12 Months road tax and a 6 month warranty

Figs4u FAQ for Nissan Figaro


Question 1 I see lots of advertisements and good appraisals on Forums for both Figs4u and Algys Autos Ltd. Is Figs4u and Algys Autos Ltd one and the same company?

Question 2 What seperates Figs4u Figaro from the rest of the UK Imported Nissan Figaro?

Question 3 OK, I'm convinced....How can I purchase a Quality Nissan Figaro from Figs4u?

Question 4 How long does it take from ordering my Fig to delivery?

Question 5 What colours and specification are available?

Question 6 What about Warranty?

Question 7 What are the Prices of Figs4u Figs and do you take part-exchange?

A1. Algys Autos Ltd are registered in Japan, Cyprus and the UK with the majority of sales and attention being given to customers from the UK. Algys Autos Ltd owns Figs4u who deal exclusivley in Nissan Figaro. Algys Autos Ltd cover all other makes of Imported Cars. This system allows Figs4u to concentrate entirely on the very exclusive market of Nissan Figaro which currently offer a widely differing range of quality within the UK. We refuse to supply our quality Figs to any other outlet or trader

A2. The 1st point is of course Quality. We purchase and source ALL our Figs via our Japan Garages in Tokyo. They are individually inspected by our experienced staff prior to purchase. We NEVER buy from within the UK. Experience has shown these cars to be sub-standard and purchased normally by individuals knowing little of the market simply making a quick profit by selling via Ebay or similar. There is NO or Little Come-back against such a bad choice of purchase.

Each Of Figs4u Figs receives:

1. Purchased in A1 Condition from Japan.
2. Low Miles.
3. Fully serviced with new cam belts, spark plugs, all filters, distributor cap, rotor arm, Timing re-tuned for UK.
4. Radios/CD fully serviced by Manufacturer ( With UK Frequency Display, digital enhancement, bluettoth and i-pod connections).
5. Aircon checked and replenished if neccessary.
6. New Roof.
7. No faults
8. Body work in A1 Condition.
9. Leather interior proffessionally Re-Conalised.
10. Retro chrome fog-light.
11. Speedometer in mph.
12. Carpets Re-Dyed in original Colour.
13. All include 12 Months Road-tax, 12 Months Mot and 3 Months Warranty (extendable up to 3 years).

Very few other Figaro suppliers have new roofs, CD Players restored, Carpets dyed etc etc. ALL ours DO!

A3. Such is the Quality and Reputation of Figs4u that ALL our Nissan Figaro sell prior to arrival at our UK Garage (Bristol). That in itself MUST speak volumes! Simply phone or email our sales office (Details Below), enquire as to current stock. Simply pay a 1000 reservation fee* and your Figaro is reserved for you. When it arrives at our Bristol Garage and has been fully processed and registered in your name simply visit the car at the Garage, inspect and pay the balance. Drive your new Babe home!

* Please note: The Reservation Fee is FULLY refundable at ANY time for ANY reason prior to or at the time of collection. You are FULLY covered and can cancel your order at ANY time. How about that for a 'No-Lose' Deal!

A4. That depends where the chosen Nissan Figaro colour is in our stock. We generally have all colours including Pink Nissan Figaro in Stock but most will be en route from Japan to our UK Garage either direct or via Cyprus. It may be as little as a 2 week wait or as much as 14 weeks depending on current demand. It is exceptionally rare to get one less than 2 weeks wait as our Nissan Figaro are in constant demand!

A5. The 4 Original colours of Nissan Figaro are; Topaz Mist, Baby Blue, Emerald Green and Lapis Grey. Figs4u also do a Special Edition 'Barbie Pink Nissan Figaro'. All Figs are automatic, Convertable and Right Hand Drive. Engines are all 1.0 litre Turbo Petrol driven. The Pink Nissan Figaro for sale are fully refurbished and include FULL re-spray in your chosen shade of pink, all interior trim colour coordinated in pink, steering wheel centre, dashtop, speaker covers, hadbrake cover and seat trim in pink. Engine and boot bay in mat black etc etc. In other words our Pink Nissan Figaro are done properly and over 100 hours goes into the refurbishment of each pink Nissan Figaro We can also supply any colour Fig to your selection, again fully co-ordinated interior is standard with Figs4u.

A6. All Figs4u Figs come with a free 3 Month Garage Warranty. This Warranty can be extended to cover your Figaro in any Garage in Europe for upto 3 years on additional payment.

Q7. Our Figaro start at 7495 all inclusive on the road. Sorry, No we don't take part exchange simply because our Figaro are in such high demand we don't need to! Figs4u Nissan Figaro are the market leaders in the wonderful world of Figaro ownership!

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Figs4u supply quality Nissan Figaro for sale UK Registered at exceptional prices! See Figs4u fully restored cars which include new roofs, new leather interior and re-dyed carpets! Figs4u are THE Nissan Figaro Specialist and offer the FULL Range of Colours including Pink Nissan Figaro for sale